It's really eezy...

Introducing the new Garbage-eez® product dispenser

Please scroll down!

Step 1:  
Pull tab to open.

Step 2:  
Remove the Velcro® strips.

Step 3:  
Start to pull out your first bag and remove the tie wraps.

Step 4:  
Separate the self adhesive Velcro® strips.

Step 5: 
Adhere one half of the Velcro® strip to the 
bottom of the Garbage-eez® product dispenser.


Step 6:  
Adhere the other half to the bottom of your pail.

Step 7: 
Place Garbage-eez® product dispenser into 
the bottom of your pail joining the Velcro® strips.

Step 8:  
Pull up your first bag to begin using Garbage-eez®!

Step 9:  
Spread and fluff open the bag and 
pull over the top edge of your pail.

Step 10:  
Here's the "fun" part!  
When your garbage is full...pull up to remove.  
The new bag will follow.  
Using your thumb and forefinger...
tear at the perforation to separate.  

Your new bag is ready to go!


Making life eezy one roll at a time!!!